5 Tips to Activating Shakti & Owning Your Power

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5 Tips to Activating Shakti & Owning Your Power

Shakti is power. It’s the graceful dance between strong and soft, will and surrender, grounded and fluid.

What does the word power mean to you? Does it mean the ability to lift heavy things? Does it mean how much money you have in the bank? Does it mean what position you hold at your job? Does it mean how many Instagram followers you have?

Authentic power cannot be measured by society’s concepts and ideas perpetuated by the media.

When you’ve activated your authentic power you’ll feel it in the depths of your being. Power is not something you do, its a state of being. Authentic power doesn’t need to be shown to anyone. It does not need approval or validation. It just is. When you are truly tapped into your authentic power you are in tune with your true Divine nature. Infinite, expansive, creative, evolutionary.

Here are 5 tips for activating Shakti and Owning your Power:

1. Get Realmask

The first step in owning your power is owning your shit. Take responsibility for your actions, words, and choices. Authentic power can only be accessed when you get real. Lift the veil, remove the mask, and see beyond the limitations of the mind. Those who have activated Shakti have nothing and no one to hide from. They are fully, unapologetically and 100% themselves. Kali, the Goddess with the necklace of heads hanging around her neck is the “be-header” and it is her own false identity (otherwise known as the Ego) that she s fearlessly cutting away. It all begins with you being honest and getting real with yourself.

2. Serve

handActivate your power and abundance consciousness by serving others. Show up in servitude without expectations of what you’ll get in return. When Durga, the Goddess riding the lion appears the question she asks is What needs to be done here?. You will realize your power when you’re being of service because you will see just how much you have to offer. How can you lend a hand, touch another soul, shed light, and give love to another being? There are countless ways. Think about how you can be of service to your community and use your power to make a difference.


3. Go Solo. Be Still. Be Silent

When we take the time to go into solitude, sit still and be silent we have a clear channel to the Divine, no distractions. It’s in silence where we can tap into our intuition and when that’s in tune we make powerful and clear decisions. Even if it is for 20 minutes a day in the morning before turning on your phone, carve out that time for yourself to meditate. There is nothing wrong with enjoying the company of others, however, when one is standing in their true power there’s no neediness for companionship. Break the shackles of co-dependent behaviors. Learn to truly enjoy your own company. Go out to eat, go to a yoga class, go on a hike, go to a concert, go on vacation all by yourself and realize how powerful alone time really is. It’s going to be a totally different experience than when you’re with others, and it’s going to be empowering AF.

4. Use your voice

As important as tuning into inner silence is expressing our unique and powerful voice. Open your throat chakra and let out your authentic sound. It doesn’t have to sound like a trained vocalist. It doesn’t have to sound like anyone else but you. The next time your yoga teacher asks you to OM and chant Mantras join in! Using mantras are a potent way to tune into the power of sound. When you use your voice you aren’t just describing something, you’re creating. Shiva, the destroyer and the transformer, takes poison and transmutes it into nectar. If you’re bottling up negative emotions and energy you cannot tap into your true power. Sing, chant, scream it out. It doesn’t matter what it sounds like. This is the voice of the Divine in you. Own it and express it. The next time you’re resting in shavasana just begin to hum. See what comes out, it might surprise you how beautiful the sound is.


5. Shake Things up.

Kundalini energy refers to a form of primal energy (or shakti) said to be located at the base of the spine, coiled up like a sleeping serpent. Yoga and meditation practices are used to create space in the body to handle this energy and to allow it to be expressed. One simple method to awakening your kundalini energy is to shake! Shake the shit out of yourself. Dance, vibrate, roll around, get messy, be wild. It’s good for the body and the soul. Turn up some jams that support you letting yourself go. Lose your inhibitions and dance/shake/lose your shit. Owning your power isn’t about being in control. On the contrary, it’s about losing the concept of control and surrendering to the dynamic and evolutionary nature that life is – that you are. 

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Written by Elena Rose Davis International Sattva Yoga Teacher Founder of Shakti Retreats Certified Shakti Ma dedicated to spreading light worldwide

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