About Me

Hi, my name is Elena Rose. I originally began this website to share my traveling adventures living abroad with my family and friends. Its morphed into a space on the web for me to share my offerings to the world. My blog began as a travel blog and in a sense that is what it is because I’m traveling. However you won’t find a typical travel blog here. My intention from the beginning was to share from the heart. Something I’ve always strived for and encourage others to do is to get out of the head and into the heart.


I am currently living a nomadic lifestyle, but my roots are in Denver, Colorado where I founded a wellness center called Peace of Mind Massage in 2009. A piece of my heart stays in that space, but I have a trusted team of amazing humans who look after it with love and care. I continue to work behind the scenes as a visionary, but the work I do for it can be done from anywhere. That business grew organically. I began it when I was 22 and practicing Massage Therapy full time. When I was 27 I ended my career as a full time Massage Therapist and focused on getting my business to the place it is now, running smoothly without taking the majority of my focus and attention. As the business became more stable I gained more free time to spend on my other passions; art, acting, and writing. After completing a 2 year acting program and a few independent films I suddenly and with great tenacity felt the need to travel. At the age of 29 I took my first big solo trip to Asia. In 2017, a few months before my 31st birthday I committed to traveling full time for at least a year.

During my travels I’ve been dedicating this time to my own healing. After 8 years of practicing Massage Therapy and building a practice, it was time for me to really focus on my own self care. In 2012 I went through a spiritual awakening. At least, the beginning of it began around this time. As with many people, this was brought on by personal hardships. I had been largely ignoring my own spiritual calling for my entire life up to this point. It was at this time when I needed help that I realized help was always there, waiting for me to be ready, willing, and open.


From 2012 on I’ve spent much of my time and energy to my spiritual path, and taken many detours along the way. Our shadows never leave us, and spending time in darkness is also a big part of the journey home, into the light. I am extremely grateful part of my path has led me to Sattva Yoga Academy in Rishikesh, India where I became a Certified Sattva Yoga Teacher in 2017. There, my Guru told me I’d be teaching women’s circles and retreats. It was not my intention to teach at all. I had entered the teacher training wanting to deepen my understanding of Kundalini and strengthen my personal yoga practice. However, I did indeed launch Shakti Retreats shortly after graduating and facilitated my first retreat 6 months later.


My mission is to be of service, to elevate, support, and inspire. Whether that is as a healer, teacher, business owner, artist, or friend.